The history of Torrefazione Pe-Fè began way back in 1973, when Ferrero Peciarolo, animated by a tireless will and a strong creative passion, decided to make his dream come true. In a small place in the historic center of Orte, the first coffee blends were born, the result of the determination to create an excellent product, imbued with the awareness that only an artisan laboratory could provide the much desired freshness and fragrance.

The year 1979 marked a significant milestone in the growth of the roastery, when a new retail outlet opened. This important step was made possible thanks to the precious collaboration of Ferrero's wife, Laura Piersanti, and subsequently thanks to the tireless commitment of their children, Federico and Federica.

The family thus became the beating heart of the company, helping to spread the passion for high quality coffee blends among more and more loyal customers.

Fifty years of experience have shaped the Pe-Fè Torrefazione, transforming it into an undisputed point of reference for coffee lovers. In this long journey, in-depth knowledge of all facets related to the world of coffee has been a constant, keeping intact the company philosophy focused on quality and artisanal art.

Today, even more than yesterday, the Pe-Fè company continues to be a story of family passion that blends harmoniously with the art of roasting, offering customers the opportunity to savor the authentic taste of a coffee prepared with love and dedication.

Federico and Federica, animated by the same passion that inspired their father, enthusiastically joined Torrefazione Pe-Fè.

Their determination has found expression in the constant commitment to perfecting the various blends and in the different phases of the production cycle. With great care, they have paid great attention to market developments and technological innovations, always respecting the quality and freshness that only an artisan company can guarantee.

Working alongside their father, they contributed to shaping the destiny of the company, transmitting an increasingly strong bond with the family tradition through their skills. Their active presence has allowed the Pe-Fè Torrefazione to remain at the forefront, adapting with agility to the changing needs of the market without ever compromising the philosophy of producing excellent coffee.

In a combination of tradition and modernity, Federico and Federica have been able to keep the artisanal heritage alive, always ready to integrate the knowledge of the past with the challenges of the present. Their far-sighted vision has allowed the company to grow without losing sight of the importance of offering customers the quintessence of quality, underlining the intrinsic value of a coffee produced with care and dedication.

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