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The history of Cimina Dolciaria begins with the decision to combine the taste of the Tonda Gentile Romana hazelnut with chocolate and therefore to enhance its qualities even more.

The production, which starts from the hazelnut harvest, evolves to the proposal of spreadable creams, hazelnuts covered with different types of chocolate and pralines. The value system of Cimina Dolciaria centers around three cornerstones that guide the company's activity and work: tradition, research and passion. Today Cimina Dolciaria is renewing itself by creating a new cutting-edge production plant in terms of quality, innovation and eco-sustainability. The company produces excellence without polluting and with zero CO2 emissions. The energy is renewable and is produced with an innovative photovoltaic panel system. No gas or other fuel is used in the processing phases.

Tuscia is that strip of land that coincides with the province of Viterbo and which has its roots in the ancient Etruscan dominion. A land visited by numerous peoples, Tuscia offers uncontaminated panoramas and suggestive landscapes endowed with great charm and culture and welcomes with great enthusiasm the contagion of innovative ideas and proposals without losing sight of the solidity guaranteed by the traditions and values ​​of the past.

Selected genuine ingredients

Cimina Dolciaria has always taken the utmost care in selecting the ingredients used to prepare its products.

Tonda Gentile Romana hazelnut, pure hazelnut paste, selected almonds from Sicily and Tuscia Viterbese, pistachios from Bronte and Sicily, pure pistachio paste, Italian black cherries, Sicilian oranges, chocolate of the best quality and finally... a lot of love for things good.

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Palace of the Popes
Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo



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