STAND B31 AAMB - Azienda Agricola Massimiliano Biaggioli

In 2011 Massimiliano Biaggioli - Mammo to his friends - founded his own farm in the Cimini Mountains, in Viterbo, to dedicate himself to the cultivation of his favorite fruit: the raspberry.

Massimiliano creates Lamponi dei Monti Cimini, a brand specialized in the artisanal processing of all parts of the raspberry plant. The fruit is transformed into compote, flavored sugar and salt, powder; while the leaves and stems, considered the "forgotten parts" of the plant, find new value in the leaf herbal tea and in Rubus Idaeus Gin, created by Priscilla Occhipinti, master distiller of the Nannoni Distillery.

In 2016, following the path of innovation and sustainability, Massimiliano created LAMPONELLA®, the ready-to-drink raspberry leaf herbal tea, a product that intends to revolutionize the way we think about herbal tea time.

The experience acquired in the transformation of all parts of the raspberry allows Massimiliano to undertake a new project in 2020: LAFRUTTA testifies to his passion for the artisanal processing of fruit and vegetables, carried out in a circular vision, in which there are no waste, but only resources. For LAFRUTTA "everything is good with fruit", so 86 fruit, vegetable and aromatic herb gels were created from the syrups derived from the artisanal processing of candied fruit: sweet, sweet and sour or spicy condiments to combine with cheeses, cured meats, grilled or boiled meats, raw or cooked fish, ice cream and creams. Furthermore, the assortment of classic citrus candied fruit has been enriched by "arditi candied fruit", i.e. sweet and sour vegetable candied fruit, which finds its greatest synthesis in the candied giardiniera.

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Palace of the Popes
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