STAND V12 Viticoltori dei Colli Cimini soc. Agr. coop.

Cooperative company strongly rooted in the Viterbo Tuscia, born from the merger of the two Vignanello wineries, in business since the early seventies, aggregates small wine producers whose vineyards, in specialized cultivation, are mainly located in the municipalities falling within the boundaries of the D.O.C. Vignanello, like Bassano in Teverina, Vasanello, Gallese, Corchiano, Fabrica di Roma, Soriano nel Cimino and, of course, Vignanello.
The cooperative deals with the transformation of exclusively conferred grapes
by the members and the marketing of the wines obtained from them. The denominations of the wines are D.O.C. Vignanello and I.G.T. Colli Cimini. The cooperative has more than 150 members conferring all the grapes produced and expressing an important brand in the regional panorama of quality products.
The grape varieties, grown in our territory with the double inverted arch system are, “Greco di Vignanello” (native variety) “Trebbiano Toscano”, “Trebbiano Giallo”, “Malvasia del Chianti” , “Sangiovese” and Ciliegiolo.
There are also Bordeaux varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
All members of the company follow integrated guided struggle systems with low
environmental impact In order to guarantee the authenticity of the product.
The cellar is technologically advanced and reserves the most careful attention both to production cycle and the hygiene of the production premises.
The use of added substances has always been limited in order to comply
the natural characteristics of the grapes as much as possible.
All the stages of processing, from the conferment of the grapes to the Marketing of the wines, are carried out entirely in accordance with company protocols for quality optimization.

Among the company products, the white wine “Greco di Vignanello”,
vinified in purity, occupies a prominent place,together with two red wines, Rulliano and Molesino. They represent the favorable result obtained from the meeting of the traditional red grape varieties with Allier woods.
An excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also produced in the company oil mill.
The company also offers the "Principe Alessandro" Extra Dry Spumante from
Italic Riesling grapes (fermentation in autoclave) and the passito wine "Corusco" IGT Colli Cimini from malvasia grapes (dried on the vine).
The aforementioned products have repeatedly been awarded national and international awards. In spite of the current crisis in the production of wine grapes in the Lazio Region, “Viticoltori dei Colli Cimini” intends to relaunch cultivation on its territory through constant product and process innovation.
The products, intended for daily use, are aimed at a mid-range market
with excellent quality / price ratio.
It is also intended to increase wine tourism through the combination of wine,
history, culture, typical products, traditions and gastronomy.

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