EXHIBITOR B18 Solare Agricola

After many years, the common dream of running a sustainable farm came true on
a site near the capital, where the land is rendered fertile by the volcanic soil, and where the sea breeze meets the air of the Alban Hills (Colli Albani). In the last thirty years, for professional reasons, albeit in other sectors, we have travelled around the world and come to appreciate even more the great wealth of our region. A unique and priceless biodiversity, which enriches the earth and provides invaluable flavours. We have inherited Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as Parmesan cheese, Wine, Pizza and many other typical products from time immemorial. Their contribution to the
Mediterranean diet is universally recognised as part of the proper nutrition required for human health. We are really proud to be an active part of that!
The estate of 18 hectares is located on the hill, overlooking the sea, bordered, in part, by a dense forest of Mediterranean scrub. Our farm is also surrounded by other farms. The intensively-farmed olive grove extends over 13 hectares. From the gate, a road runs alongside the olive grove and leads to the premises used for storing agricultural equipment and the various oil processing facilities.
Solare Agricola has chosen to cultivate olives using the high-density cultivation method, which produces a superior oil of the highest quality. As the olive harvest is fully mechanised, it is completed in a very short time. Olives harvested in this way can be taken to the mill for immediate pressing, thus preventing the oxidation process from starting, a fundamental factor in maintaining the organoleptic properties intact. The olives are cold pressed in an oil mill a few kilometres from the olive grove, using the latest machinery, which ensures a quality oil, with acidity values much lower than the maximum limits imposed by law. It is the perfect accompaniment to any dish with Mediterranean flavours. It enhances the taste of meat, fish, pasta, fresh vegetables and soups, whether cooked or raw.
The study and research into agricultural vehicles and equipment necessary to
maintain and improve soil fertility is currently undergoing a minor revolution.
We have chosen to use the inter-row hoer, which allows mechanical weeding to be carried out, working both the surface of the soil surface and along the rows of olive trees. In this way we can avoid using chemicals.

Solare Agricola
Sede legale : Via Venezuela, 15 – 00071 – Pomezia – Roma
Sede operativa : Via Vaccareccia snc – 00071 – Pomezia - Roma
+39 388 5760594

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