STAND B09 Pasta Fanelli sas di Guido Fanelli e c.

The Fanelli artisan pasta factory in Canepina produces dry pasta, fresh pasta and other typical specialties of the popular tradition of the Tuscia Viterbo area. From classic formats to more refined ones, from hazelnut flour-based pastes to flavored pastes, the products of the Fanelli artisanal pasta factory stand out for the excellent quality of the raw materials, the genuineness of the preparations and the attention to respecting the traditional recipes from the Tuscia area. Among the products linked to the territory we find the "Maccaroni Canepinesi" (or Canepina Hay), the "Ceciliani", the Rustici with Hazelnuts and the pasta with Cimini chestnut flour. Furthermore, the famous durum wheat Pici ("Vermicelli" in the Viterbo area) and the full-bodied bronze-drawn egg pastas typical of the Lazio tradition stand out.

The Fanelli Artisan Pastificio uses cutting-edge technologies to offer a "premium quality" product: strictly bronze drawing, to give porosity and consistency to the pasta; vacuum extrusion, to eliminate air from the mixture and allow the product to be preserved better; drying at low temperatures, to safeguard the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials and improve the cooking resistance of the pasta.

For production, only high quality semolina and natural raw materials are selected, coming mainly from the surrounding area.

Quality, Tradition and Innovation.

Quality, because the pasta produced in our laboratory is made using only excellent raw materials, refined processing techniques and attentive to customer expectations!

Tradition, because we continually leaf through the book of popular Canepinese gastronomy to re-propose in a modern key those flavors and aromas rooted in our territory and in that of the Tuscia Viterbese.

Innovation, because we always like to create something new, because we like to improve what we do, what we are...

Pasta Fanelli
Laboratorio e Spaccio
Via P. Braccini, 18 - Canepina (VT) (anche vendita online diretta)
329.6853911 (anche whatsapp)

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Palace of the Popes
Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo



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