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The Strampelli pasta factory is a production reality born in 2019 in Amatrice, in the province of Rieti, in the heart of Italy, with the aim of promoting and enhancing even more the territory in which it is located. Located in the marvellous territory of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park at an altitude of over 1000 metres in an uncontaminated environment, its position allows the use of the purest air and the freshest water from the nearby springs. We use only the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina. The bond with the land, the craftsmanship and the quality of our products make Strampelli the best expression of authentic 'Made in Italy'.

With respect, a sense of responsibility and pride, our pasta factory bears the name of the great agronomist and geneticist, proponent of the true Green Revolution: Nazareno Strampelli.

Our philosophy is to pay the utmost care and attention to detail and this is why it has received the prestigious De.Co. (Denominazione Comunale) recognition issued by the Municipality of Amatrice, which guarantees the ingredients, demonstrates the local origin of the product and establishes its composition, thus confirming its typical local character.

The accurate and careful processing method in every single phase makes it possible to obtain high quality and quantity pasta with specific nutritional characteristics. We use the purest water from the nearby springs of the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park and choose the best durum wheat semolina of 100% Italian origin. Thanks to the drawing process, the pasta takes on a rough and porous appearance for perfect absorption of a variety of sauces. Furthermore, depending on the shapes, the pasta is dried slowly between 24 and 48 hours at a low temperature of 40°-45°, respecting its artisanal nature.
Craftsmanship is respected down to the smallest detail, even the packaging phase is purely manual.
Our pasta factory also takes care of the environment and for its total respect uses completely recyclable paper bags.

Strampelli di Amatrice
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