EXHIBITOR A07 La Collina dei Melograni

The Hill of Pomegranates is a family-run organic farm born a few years ago from the dream of its owner, born and raised in the city of Rome, to return to nature and the values of preservation and respect for the environment. We took over a farmhouse and its adjoining land near Lake Bracciano with the desire to give life to a reality of organic farming and in the future to a farm. For this reason we chose to grow pomegranate, of which we planted in 2017 more than 1700 specimens, a plant rich in history and benefits for humans. In addition to the fruit itself we have started a production of pure juice of pomegranate, usable as a drink or as a basis for numerous recipes.
In addition, in 2020 we planted over 1600 almond trees and about 200 olive trees.
The 3,500 plants present in the property of over 10 HA are an excellent substrate from which the bees that we host, a beekeeper in the area, collect nectar for a high quality honey. La ns. Since its establishment, Società Agricola has always believed in the use of renewable energy as a necessary choice to protect the environment, has owned a photovoltaic system for over 10 years, and aims at a totally eco-sustainable future, also from the point of view of energy and is working to ensure that in a few years the entire estate is fed through renewable sources.
For this reason we started from organic, for a genuine cultivation for man and respectful for nature, bringing the consumer to a rediscovery of the authentic flavors of the earth.
Our company is cared for by a family-run attentive to detail in every aspect, is also expected the complete restoration of the existing structure, and personally followed by the owner, who, faithful to his ideal of caring for his neighbour, has personally taken care of the planting of the plantations and follows their daily development.It is our belief that we will leave a better world only with a balanced use, respectful and in harmony with all that nature makes available, hence the choice to adhere to the biological method, which certainly requires a considerable expenditure of resources, economic and dedicated time, more than conventional cultivation, but that gives, in return, the awareness of having done good to the planet as well as having obtained a product of excellent quality.

La Collina dei Melograni
Via Terra di Lite 1 - 00061 Anguillara Sabazia RM (sede aziendale)
Nuove Iniziative in Agricoltura Soc Agr srl - Via della Camilluccia 183 - 00135 Roma (ragione sociale e sede legale)
Instagram @lacollinadeimelograni

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Palace of the Popes
Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo



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