EXHIBITOR B09 Il Fiocchino di Antonio Brizi

Il Fiocchino is dedicated to the artisan production of sheep's milk cheese and ricotta. Antonio Brizi owner of the company with the experience handed down by Anzio father and pastor has managed to develop and implement a project combining tradition with innovation involving his wife Sandra and also his daughter Elisa. The business was born in Piansano (VT) near Lake Bolsena and the Vulsini Mountains, an ideal environment for the production of excellent raw materials such as “Buon Latte”, coming only from farms in Tuscia, which artisan hands transform into cheese.
The milk is then pasteurized and enriched with selected lactic ferments; curdling is done with natural lamb rennet.
Our cheese can be classified as semi-cooked and guarantees a long aging over time. Even beyond two years! The pressing and salting phases are carried out strictly by hand. Coarse sea salt is used for salting.
They are part of the production range of typical products in respect of the environment, so much so that they are classified as "SHEPHERD'S CHEESE".
Once the cheese has been salted it is ready to be consumed as "Primosale". Its
characteristic is given by a pasta with a delicate and fresh taste.
After 60-90 days the cheese acquires character and color. The "Semistagionato" Will
therefore have a hue of straw yellow and a more decisive taste on the palate, excellent as a classic table cheese. Finally the "Stagionato” With about 6-8 months of aging with a full-bodied taste characterized by a slight spicy. Ideal accompanied with honey or important jams. By virtue of the temperature reached by the curd during preparation, the cheese will be able to continue its maturation over time.
For thrill-seekers, one "Stagionato Extra”, With well over 2 years of maturation that has a
deep yellow paste and an intense meditative flavor. Beyond these types there are "Il Brio” Particular fresh cheese with a young taste; " Il Cuore di Latte"In the fresh or seasoned version; "La Farcita” Which can be enriched with various fillings (pink pepper, chilli, pistachio, walnuts, truffle, rocket, black olives, orange and lemon).
Last but not least "Ricotta" Excellent alone or in sweet or savory pairing.
The company has been the holder of the Cee IT 12/106 stamp since 1998. The transformation laboratory looks to the past with the adaptation to current health and hygiene regulations.
The company adheres to the “TUSCIA VITERBESE” brand managed and controlled by the Viterbo CAMERA di COMMERCIO as a guarantee that the raw materials used are of quality and origin from Tuscia. *It is possible, by appointment, to visit and sample our products in the Factory workshop. -SHIPMENTS IN 24 HOURS

Il Fiocchino di Antonio Brizi 
Strada V ariante, 20 Loc. Fiocchino
Piansano (VT)
338 4747562

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Palace of the Popes
Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo



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