**Salumificio Coccia Sesto: Quality, Tradition and Passion for Taste**

Welcome to the world of Salumificio Coccia Sesto, where artisan tradition meets innovation to offer the best Italian delicatessen products.
The company founded on the passion for authentic taste and uncompromising quality, stands out for the production of fine cured meats that delight the most demanding palafi. In this presentation, we will take you through our history, our core values, manufacturing processes and our range of key products.

**History and Foundation:””
Salumificio Coccia Sesto has deep roots in the Italian charcuterie tradition. Founded in 1947 by Sesto Coccia, a passionate butcher master with long experience in the sector where he began his business with a small artisan shop in the heart of the historic center of Viterbo. Guided by dedication to quality and craftsmanship, he makes the company grow, which however is carried forward by his daughters, to its premature disappearance. The company grows and has grown constantly and its reputation over the years has become a point of reference for true connoisseurs of cured meats, having coveted certification and qualification for export to Canada.

**Company philosophy:"*
The philosophy of Salumificio Coccia Sesto is based on three fundamental pillars: quality, tradition and passion.
Our mission is to create excellent products that reflect the authenticity and taste of Italian tradition, using only top quality ingredients and respecting rigorous production standards. We are driven by a passion for excellence and Innovation, always looking for new ways to surprise and delight our customers.

*"Productive process:"*
Our manufacturing process combines expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest quality and safety of our products. We only use carefully selected meats from trusted suppliers, who respect high standards of animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Our secret recipes, handed down from generation to generation, together with meticulous attention to detail during every stage of production, ensure the creation of cured meats with a unique and unmistakable flavour.

**Awards and Collaborations:”*
We are proud to announce that the Salumificio Coccia Sesto has received the prestigious recognition of the "Fette Gambero Rosso", for the Susianella Viterbese, a Slow Food Presidium, judged to be the best sausage in Italy based on frattagles, testimony to our constant search for perfection and 'excellence.
We have two registered trademarks: Guanciamia, 2 slices Gambero Rosso and Sgambato Coccia cut according to Registered Trademark.
The Gran Riserva steak has 2 Gambero Rosso slices.

This important recognition received from Gambero Rosso has made us among the 2000 Italian establishments present, among the first 168 that have received the most recognition. This confirms our commitment to quality and innovation in the world of Italian cured meats.

**Range of products:**
Salumificio Coccia Sesto offers a wide range of charcuterie products, each of which represents an extraordinary tasting experience. From classic salami and cured sausages to fine cured meats such as raw ham and cured coppa, each product carries with it the legacy of centuries of Italian artisanal tradition. Furthermore, we are constantly engaged in research and development of new specialties
to satisfy the ever-changing tastes of our customers.

**Commitment to Quality and Food Safety:””
Food quality and safety are at the heart of everything we do. At Salumificio Coccia Sesto, we adopt rigorous quality control protocols at every stage of production, from the receipt of the raw materials to the distribution of the finished products. Our systems are certified according to the most stringent regulations, guaranteeing maximum safety and compliance with the highest international standards.

**Social and Environmental Responsibility:*”
We are aware of the importance of a responsible approach towards society and the environment. We are committed to operating sustainably, minimizing the environmental impact of our operations and actively contributing to the well-being of the communities in which we operate. We collaborate with local suppliers and support social initiatives that promote health, education and sustainable development.

Salumificio Coccia Sesto represents excellence in the production of Italian cured meats, combining tradition, quality and passion in every product we offer with a diversified range of high quality products, a commitment to continuous innovation and a strong sense of social responsibility and environmental, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations and promote the authentic taste of Italian tradition net world. Thank you for choosing us as your partner for your journey through the extraordinary flavors of our land.

Salumificio Coccia Sesto
Via Lega dei Dodici Popoli 7D Viterbo
Instagram: @salumificiococcia

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