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Casale del Giglio was founded in 1967 by Dr. Dino Santarelli, originally from Amatrice. It is located in the Agro Pontino, in the locality of Le Ferriere, province of Latina, about 50 km south of Rome.

This territory represented, compared to other areas of Lazio and other regions of Italy, an environment to be explored from a viticultural point of view. For his son Antonio, Casale del Giglio was the family estate where as a child he spent weekends and then attempted his first motorbike races.

But, when at the age of twenty-five he began to collaborate in the company with his father Dino, he felt that the Agro Pontino territory represented a virgin area in which he could try everything new possible.

The absence of an oenological past thus becomes the determining stimulus towards the maximum degree of innovative freedom. He called ampelographers and university researchers to his side and in 1985, with his father Dino, he started a project that planted 57 different experimental vines on the company land.

A complex and risky adventure, never attempted with this scientific nature, of which the company's oenologist Paolo Tiefenthaler becomes the absolute interpreter.

This project aimed, through targeted and effective agronomic and oenological practices, to select varieties characterized by a high degree of qualitative interaction with the microclimate of the Agro Pontino.

The research & experimentation activity was then extended to neighboring territories and allowed the rediscovery and valorization of particular native vines of Lazio, such as Biancolella from Ponza, Bellone from Anzio, Cesanese from Affile and Olevano Romano, as well as Pecorino from Amatrice and Accumoli.

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