STAND B30 Azienda Agricola Monchini

The Azienda Agricola Monchini was born in 2012. The following year starts the management of 10 hectares of arable land inside the Riserva Naturale di Montecasoli, a few kilometers from Sacro Bosco of Bomarzo, with an idea: produce quality flour and bread. Trials for the production of legumes have also begun since 2014.
The cultivated cereals are soft wheat, rye and spelled. The storage and processing of the same takes place at Molino Silvestri near Perugia, anyway a project for an implementation of an agricultural annex on the farms' land, is in an advanced state of approval, where we can manage all stages of production on our own, including the final transformation.
Currently legumes are also produces: beans (Stoppia), checkpeas (Sultano) and lentils (Variegata) and a mixture of ancient wheat varieties (Verna, Gentil Rosso, Marzotto, Solina) grown in the Teverina valley.
Inside the old town of the village of Mugnano in Teverina, is located the bakery workshop where flour and legumes are also packged. Bakery products are strictly prepared by hand in all stages of production, leavened with carryover sourdough and cooked in wood oven. Thanks to the artisan Mr Goti Giancarlo from Calenzano, a refractory terracotta oven was installed in the laboratrory in January 2021, so it was possible to increase the range and quality of the products produced, with a reduction in fuel consumption
(bundles of wood) more than 50%.
Currently we produce more than 9 types of flour, 5 types of bread, 4 types of bread crumbs and both dried and cooked legumes in terracotta pots, taking up an ancient farmer tradition. All company products are certified organic.

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