"La Tagliata" was born in 2004 in Cittaducale in the province of Rieti, from chef Fabio Bolognini's passion for cooking as a natural outlet of a family tradition for more than 50 years and a love for the land and local traditions. For a long time our family has been dedicated to raising and growing vegetables and greens, following the rhythms of nature and respecting the environment. With the intention of enhancing our local excellence and bringing healthy and wholesome products to your table, we decided to share this passion with a line of high-quality under-glazed products and butchery products. Everything "0 km" has become our mission.

Our products are grown with care and attention, selecting only the best raw materials from the Rieti area. We are proud to be able to offer fresh and genuine vegetables, processed and preserved according to the ancient recipes of local tradition.

Our production process is based on artisanal processing techniques, which allow us to preserve the authentic taste and flavor of our vegetables and greens. Our mission is to promote the culture of healthy and genuine food, enhancing our territory and its traditions. For this, we have chosen to focus on high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly products. We are confident that our commitment and passion can be tasted in each and every product.

We chose to use a wide range of colors for our canning jars not only as a marketing choice, but also to give voice to our passion for nature and the variety of vegetables and greens we grow.

For us, each color represents a season and a unique experience, to be lived and enjoyed with all the senses. The deep green of our canning jars represents the freshness and vitality of spring, while the warm yellow recalls the warmth and sweetness of summer.

The red and orange of our jars evoke the hues of autumn leaves and the scent of berries, while the deep blue brings to mind winter, snows and the intense flavors of celery root.

Our cornerstones

TERRITORY We value the raw materials we hold dear, from our own garden. We choose only the best, offering it to you according to traditional recipes reworked with flair and simplicity.   

HEALTH We follow strict processes, to maintain the integrity of the product.   

NATURE Only natural preservatives; vinegar and lemon Natural sun drying: No energy wasted and better quality of preparation. Zero waste: vegetable waste is minimized and used as compost in our crops.

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