STAND b25 Il Bosco Incantato di Alessandra Spina

It is me, the beating heart of the Enchanted Forest.
I grew up with the stories of my parents, who spoke of family recipes and fresh aromas, with a hint of the sea and the South, made of choices in the heart of
night to cook the tomato and jars of sipped aubergines in oil for
get to the next season. Precisely from these memories, Il was born in 2016
Bosco Incantato, from the deep heart of my family: the central body of the company is made up of an abandoned land of almost two hectares, on which only 28 olive trees stood out, almost completely gone wild.
Here we have planted new olive trees, a small orchard. 120 Blackberry plants from Acquaforte, 700 lavender plants and a small Orto dei Semplici, which produce the organic raw materials that I transform, at zero km, in the laboratory that we have built at the center of our company, making jams and fruit compotes for embellish breakfasts or pair with cheese and cured meat platters, extra virgin olive oil, stone-ground durum wheat flour, salts flavored with medicinal herbs and spices.
To meet different dietary needs, alongside the typical biscuits I have introduced other lines, a vegan one, a lactose-free one and a line of biscuits completely gluten- and lactose-free.
The Enchanted Forest is the place where love for the land and that for tradition come together, for those flavors and aromas that have enveloped me throughout my life.
This is where I like to imagine and tell our stories.

Stories of Earth and Sweetness.

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Palace of the Popes
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