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It was the 1950s of the twentieth century. The years of a post-war period to be rebuilt. The business is located in Guarcino, Ciociaria. At the time shops were still called “food and more”. Erzinio sold feed for animals to farmers which paid back with thighs and pork shoulders. It turned out to be a real fortune.

Erzinio, started the procedure of salting these thighs following ancient traditions and processes of dry curing the ham and as a result the hams tasted simply delicious, this was a real temptation for all tourists visiting the nearby mountain station of Campocatino. 

Erzinio continued salting and curing not only hams, but also sausages, salami and pork necks encountering an ever-increasing demand. The transition from the small shop to a larger structure became challenging and the intergenerational transition of the business from Franco the founder to the son of Erzinio, the main developer of the company in the boom years became natural.

Erzinio became a quality brand, recognized as “Best Ciociaro Ham factory” thanks to the Roman mountain lovers that used to stop to eat the well-known “ham and pizza”.

The typical Amaretto of Guarcino a confectionery product also contributed to the popularity of Erzinio. 

Today the company is managed with great passion by Anna and her daughters and has started a new production phase with new products, modern technology, new stores and is present on the current domestic  and foreign markets always preserving its heritage, traditions, and values.

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