EXHIBITOR B10 Diamante Verde

Why Green Diamond?
A DIAMOND contains a dazzling brilliance and the purity of the play of light
creating many shades of GREEN.
We have combined this precious jewel with the same value as the precious food called
"Extra Virgin Olive Oil" 100% Italian.
The olive-growing company has ancient roots, traditions handed down from
generation to generation, with the great goal of enhancing more and more the
patrimonial resource of the territory, also through the recovery of olive-growing areas
that have been neglected for years and is now included in the organic certification
system. .
Tombolillo Antonio, founder of the company, has mountain origins in the Ausoni
Mountains, in the 1970s the parents and all the members of the Tombolillo family
moved to the Agro Pontino without ever abandoning the tradition of olive growing.
Antonio, together with his wife Katiuscia, who immediately fell in love with this
tradition, dedicate Love, Passion, Commitment day after day, believing more and
more in the union of life and work, fundamental values of the Company:
- Love: Based on an exchange between dedication and respect for nature;

Strada. Casal delle Palme, snc
04100 LATINA (LT)
di Antonio TOMBOLILLO Olio Extravergine di Oliva 100% Italiano

Tel: (+39) 338.458151/347.5975131 – email: info@diamanteverde.it web: www.diamanteverde.it
- Passion: Combination between physical suffering and the fruit of work;
- Commitment: They work by applying the fundamental principles of tradition,
characterizing the highest organoleptic qualities and richness of nutritional values.
To date, the company, among its own olive groves and land taken under
management, holds about 5,000 olive trees, many of which are secular, olive groves
located largely on the territory of the Lepini Mountains (Province of Latina) which
goes from Cori in Sonnino, passing through Sermoneta, Norma and Sezze.
Thanks to the careful cultivation, use of organic agricultural products, the care in
harvesting and attention to milling, we obtain a superior quality extra virgin olive oil,
with an intense color, fresh to the nose, with memories of olive, tomato and cut grass,
with elegant perceptions of bitter and spicy. High attention concerns the rigorously
cold pressing within a few hours of harvesting, the extra virgin olive oil extracted, a
medium fruity, will be stored in tanks that guarantee perfect conservation in rooms
with controlled temperatures.
"Diamante Verde" produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Olives in Brine and 100%
Italian White Olive Patè of Pontine (LT) origins, a territory rich for its native variety
of excellence, Itrana, and no less valuable Frantoio and Leccino , which is obtained
from a food of excellent quality subjected to meticulous chemical sensory analyzes.
Thanks to the unique climate for its exposure to the sun, the marine updrafts rich in
iodine, the fertility of the soil and the richness of the aquifers, these olive groves are
considered among the best in the national territory.

“DIAMANTE VERDE” – Olio Extravergine di Oliva 100% Italiano
Strada Casal delle Palme, snc – 04100 Latina (LT)
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Palace of the Popes
Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo



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