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The Papalino Agricultural Company was founded in 1960 when the grandfather, Ercole, decided to purchase the property from the immense possessions of Count Vannicelli. Located in the Valle dei Calanchi, in the municipality of Castiglione in Teverina, it falls in the territory of Alta Tuscia Viterbese, a few kilometers from the Umbrian town of Orvieto. Over the years the company has mainly cultivated cereals and grapes but since 1997 his son Erminio has undertaken a modernization process leading the company to produce high quality wine and oil. Since 2017 his nephew, Gabriele, also joined the company, continuing the family project. The varieties present in the vineyards are those typical of the area, whose grapes are subjected to strict selection in summer to increase the organoleptic qualities of the final wines.

- Lazulum: Latin name of Lazurite, the main mineral component of lapis lazuli. It is an ancient precious stone present in the Alban hills from which the precious intense blue used in medieval frescoes was obtained.
- Ametis: The name derives from amethyst, a stone that has always been strongly linked to wine. The myth tells that Amethyst (woodland nymph), to escape the unwelcome courtship of Bacchus (god of wine), turned to Artemis (goddess of virginity and female initiations) who transformed her into a clear crystal. Enraged, Bacchus spilled his cup full of wine on it, thus giving it its violet color, along with the power to protect the wearer from the intoxicating effects of wine.
- Solidago: Ancient Etruscan and Roman name for a shade of yellow, Solidago is also a plant that grows spontaneously in Lazio with strong medicinal properties.
- Senauro: Ancient Etruscan and Roman name for the red vermilion, whose pigment was secreted by a mollusc as a viscous liquid of a purplish colour. Already used in ancient times for coloring fabrics, in the imperial age it represented the color par excellence.

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