STAND B05 La Fescennina - Sciardiglia Antonio

"Seeds of Tuscia cures, collects and transforms"

Stella and Lorenzo had a dream: to leave city life to take care of and cultivate the land, harvest its fruits and transform them.

Thus was born Semi di Tuscia, an organic agricultural company that extends for just over 5 hectares in Marta, on the fertile volcanic soils around Lake Bolsena. We can therefore say that Semi di Tuscia represents a dream, a bet, a change of life.

We take care of an olive grove with 230 Caninese plants, the symbolic cultivar of Tuscia, a small mixed orchard and a herbarium with aromatic and medicinal plants typical of the Mediterranean, but also forgotten. Since 2023 we have also been producing small fruits: blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, having created a new plant according to the principles of regenerative agriculture.

“Love for the earth, love for this Earth”

Those who choose our products build together with us a conscious agricultural production system, which protects biodiversity, gives beauty to the landscape and produces good, genuine food. In fact, we believe in small-scale agriculture that respects the rhythms of nature, the seasons, which preserves natural resources and which protects the biodiversity of crops linked to a territory and its gastronomic traditions. We grow following the principles of organic farming without using any type of herbicide, pesticide or chemical product that could alter our plants.

Trust and transparency are the values ​​with which it wishes to communicate with its customers. The company is part of the Lago di Bolsena Biodistrict, confirming its commitment to protecting the territory, and the products are also certified with the "Tuscia Viterbese" quality mark.

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Palace of the Popes
Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo



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