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Donne in Vigna – Vini della Tuscia

Terre di Marfisa 
Terre di Marfisa is the name of the agricultural holding founded by the Clarici family. The history of our family is closely linked to the territory of Farnese in the Alta Tuscia Viterbese.The name was chosen in honour of Nonna Marfisa, who was born in Farnese. Her passion and dedication have forged the close bond between the numerous family and this splendid land.
Love and respect for the territory are found in the logo and in the names of the wines, specially chosen in Etruscan to underline the cultural roots.
The Terre di Marfisa estate covers 23 hectares in the splendid setting of the Tuscia Viterbese at 380 m. s.l.m .. From its gentle hillsides you can see the Tyrrhenian Sea and breathe the breeze, surrounded by the lush greenery of the lands between Farnese and Ischia di Castro.
7 hectares of vineyard
have been planted. We chose the most suitable varieties of vines for the favourable exposition and the characteristics of the volcanic soil.
Our missions are care of the environment and innovation, and have pushed Terre di Marfisa to a management style that respects nature and is in synergy with it. We even produce our own energy here on the holding using renewable sources.
In addition to the passion that we bring to producing our own wines, we take the greatest care and apply considerable skill in producing our wines and oil: the perfect blend of modern technology and tradition.

Vini Pacchiarotti
Pacchiarotti Antonella’s Wine Farm has been on the market since 1998 and was created with the idea to give roots to a family who is literally “the expression of this territory since its beginning.” The Farm is located in Grotte di Castro, a nice village between the regions of Toscany and Umbria, the heart of Gradoli Aleatico’s wine DOP (certification of protect origin). The vineyards are situated at a height of 500 meters, with a view toward the south and southeast, overlooking the Bolsena Lake, where the favourable weather has for a long time proudly given the best Aleatico wine. Additionally, our Farm is totally determined to express a female perspective, personality, and taste from a field created these past centuries by men.

Le Lase
The Winery LE LASE is the story of 4 sisters and their family who, in the year 2003, wandered by the wild and ancient beauty of the Etruscan countryside that extends between Lazio and Umbria, decide to plant vineyards on these clay grounds. rich in minerals and crossed by the river Tiber.
An ideal location for selected grapes to obtain valuable wines, very rich in strength, character and history.
The name of the winery comes from the wonderful figures of Etruscan mythology: a large family of winged female spirits, semidivine creatures, who embody the meaning of genius and power.
A story that also inspired the corporate logo: a proud face of a woman with her hair in the wind combined with the trunk and vine leaves. Labels, as well as the names of wines, are another tribute to this wonderful land: the 4 natural elements (TERRA -Earth, FIAMMA – Flame, GOCCIA – Drop and ZEFIRO – Zephyr wind) and the main Etruscan deities with CAUTHA (Goddess of the Sun), THESAN (Goddess of the Sunrise), SEMIA (Goddess of Earth) and Satres (God of Time).

Vigne del Patrimonio
the historical name, up to the unification of Italy, of the current Province of Viterbo, or "Province of the Patrimony of St. Peter". The logo reproduces the image of an Etruscan winged lion, found in a tomb not far from the ruins of the Renaissance “model-city” of Castro which stood near their vineyards. A hilly area of ​​volcanic origin characterized by the cultivation of olive trees, inclined to pastoralism and, as always, suited to wine. A few hundred meters as the crow flies, in fact, in the locality of Selvicciola, some archaeological excavations are bringing to light a Roman farm villa, inhabited until the Lombard period, which certifies these activities as very ancient.
The Castrense region, precisely from the city of Castro, is described in the most ancient texts as rich in natural beauty, history and vestiges of an important past and renowned for the healthiness of its environment, the wealth of waterways and springs. of healing and thermal waters, as well as to be inhabited by people of good character, all qualities maintained over time.
This territory, moreover, is part of the wide coastal region known in the world as Maremma that extends between Lazio and Tuscany, with very particular characteristics for terroir, climate, exposure and traditions. In fact, in addition to the generosity of nature that this land manifests, the care and respect for the environment that preserves its beauty intact are deeply rooted in the culture of its inhabitants.

Donne in Vigna
Terre di Marfisa
Vini Pacchiarotti
Le Lase
Vigne del Patrimonio

Numeri di Telefono
Terre di Marfisa - Tel. +39 0761 458202
Vini Pacchiarotti - Tel. 339.2216719
Le Lase - Tel. +39 0761 281460
Vigne del Patrimonio - Tel. 328 650 7893

Email aziendali
Terre di Marfisa - info@terredimarfisa.it
Vini Pacchiarotti - vinipacchiarotti@gmail.com
Le Lase - info@lelase.com
Vigne del Patrimonio - info@vignedelpatrimonio.it

Responsabili dell’azienda
Terre di Marfisa - Nathalie Clarici
Vini Pacchiarotti - Antonella Pacchiarotti
Le Lase - Giada Ceccarelli
Vigne del Patrimonio - Rosa Capece
Lingue parlate: Italiano e Inglese

Siti web
Donne in Vigna - www.donneinvigna.it
Terre di Marfisa - www.terredimarfisa.it
Vini Pacchiarotti - www.vinipacchiarotti.it
Le Lase - www.lelase.com

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