EXHIBITOR A02 Società Agricola Del Gelsomino Erino e C. s.n.c.

The Gelsomino farm was founded in 1968 with Nonno Amerigo and his three sons Erino, Liliano and Ivano with the intention of bring their experience gained in the agricultural sector outside their plots of land by expanding their business also in favor of other companies. It was then that the first works on Conto Terzi began with an old Fordson Super Major tractor and a Carra stationary thresher. Over the years, the union and the work of the three brothers and their sons led the company to acquire a greater number of cattle, pigs and sheep, as well as a larger and more complete fleet of machines thanks to which were able to satisfy the growing needs of our customers. Not only that, this helped the company to develop new techniques for working the fields and to try their hand at new types of work, such as: gardening, planting of vineyards and olive groves.
Over the years, the company becomes a large family, including not only the members of the family of origin but also all the workers who had passed through our house over the years. At that time it was customary to gather everyone around a single table, it is from what originates the intention of wanting to include all the members of the family in the company activities, which led us in 2009 to take a new path: that of agritourism catering . Since then the ideas increased and led us to try our hand in a more concrete way also in the dairy sector until the opening of our agri-ice cream parlor in 2017.
Our company is committed to making its own and supervising all the processes of the agri-food chain regarding our products, both subject to direct sales and intended to be served at your table in the farmhouse.
Our “motto” is "Happiness comes by eating ..." and how not to honor it in the best possible way if not delighting our customers with healthy, genuine products and above all processed with passion and respect for traditions.

Società Agricola Del Gelsomino Erino & C. s.n.c.
Vocabolo Annunziata, 5 - 01028 Orte (VT)
0761-402688 / 366-3941386
Referente Commerciale: Sergio Del Gelsomino, 3383901202
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agriturismodelgelsomino
Instagram: https://instagram.com/_agriturismo_del_gelsomino_

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