The cooperative
The Agricultural Society C.O.P.A. (Cooperativa Ortofrutticola Produttori Associati) was born on 5 March 1976 in Canino, in the province of Viterbo. Currently there are 150 associated farms that grow fruit and vegetables.

The activity carried out
The activity of the C.O.P.A. includes the processing, packaging and marketing of green asparagus and all other fruit and vegetables contributed by the members.

The production area
The farms that adhere to the C.O.P.A. they are all located in the Tuscan-Laziale Maremma and the productive heart of the organization is concentrated in the territory of Canino in the province of Viterbo.

Areas invested and cultivated crops
The cooperative C.O.P.A. has linked its name to green asparagus for years. The associated farms cultivate about 300 hectares, with an annual production that exceeds 12,000 quintals of asparagus.
Considering also melon, watermelon, tomato, courgette, potato, artichoke, cauliflower, fennel, almonds and other small crops, it exceeds 500 hectares of crops.

Business relations
The marketing involves the main chains of the national large-scale retail trade and the major Italian fruit and vegetable markets. The C.O.P.A. it has also undertaken commercial relations abroad, especially for the sale of green asparagus.

Integrated production
In managing production, the cooperative scrupulously follows Integrated Production Regulations. The pesticide treatments are performed only if strictly necessary and integrated with agronomic and biological defense and prevention systems.

Automated processing of asparagus
The C.O.P.A. has equipped itself with a line of modern asparagus processing lines, which allow the cutting, washing and calibration of the product in a single solution, differentiating it by diameter, color and length. The line is completed by a specific packaging machine in bunches, with predetermined weight. The product obtained is of high quality, with homogeneous and carefully selected bunches.

Almond supply chain
The cooperative has organized a real local almond supply chain, the producer members cultivate the almonds on the land located in the provinces of Grosseto and Viterbo, between Tuscany and Lazio, a healthy and uncontaminated territory. The cooperative C.O.P.A. deals with the processing and marketing of almonds, both as shell and shelled products, peeled, in grains and as flour. Currently the cooperative has 20 producer members for a total area of ​​about 100 hectares.

Global Gap, GRASP and IFS certification
For some years the C.O.P.A. has obtained the Global Gap and Grasp Certification, a quality standard recognized worldwide. Adhering to this standard means ensuring and guaranteeing the achievement of fruit and vegetable production according to the principles of good agricultural practice, with a reduction in the use of chemical products, in the protection of the environment and its resources, with attention and protection of the health and safety of agricultural operators, ethics in working relationships and strict control of all the strictest rules and hygiene rules. The cooperative's warehouse and manufacturing processes are certified according to the IFS standard.

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