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COME ON! è gluten free is a line of gluten and lactose free products for professionals in the F&B and Ho.Re.Ca sector. founded in 2023 by chefs Stefania Mancini and Emanuele Aquilanti, to make the taste experience of the great sweet and savory classics accessible to those with allergies or intolerances. Inclusivity, quality and accessibility are the pillars of the project: the recipes are formulated to be naturally gluten and lactose free and the artisanal gluten free products are not only safe and guaranteed, but pleasant and appreciable for all consumers: "BUT COME ON!" it is the expression of wonder that customers, both celiac and non-celiac, exclaimed upon discovering that the product they had just tasted was gluten-free and lactose-free. The desire to overcome limits and the commitment to their professional growth guide chefs Stefania and Emanuele in pursuing "good for all": first of all for consumers with allergies or intolerances, then for all taste lovers and, finally , for colleagues who wish to propose an inclusive offer thanks to a reliable supplier of safe and practical, handcrafted and high-quality products.


A pinch of madness and high technique. These are the ingredients of the great leavened products by MAMMA MANCINI, the home bakery founded in 2020 by chef Stefania Mancini. Driven by her passion for pastry making and great leavened products, Stefania creates handmade panettone and colomba with rich, honeycombed dough, and every year creates a line in which classic and traditional recipes are accompanied by creative and innovative proposals, such as panettone with candied hazelnuts, born from the collaboration with Agricola Pini, a hazelnut producer in Carbognano (VT), and LAFRUTTA by Massimiliano Biaggioli, an artisanal candied fruit production laboratory in Viterbo: the soft and fragrant dough welcomes the granellone of hazelnuts, candied with a natural process and artisanal.

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Palace of the Popes
Piazza San Lorenzo, Viterbo



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