EXHIBITOR B12 La Fattoria di nonno fiore

Passion, respect of nature and its seasonal cycles, tradition, sensitivity against food waste, clean energy.
Having grown up learning the love and work of the land, Nonno Fiore’s grandchildren wished to put together culture and tradition with a modern vision of food and the environment. In 2010, they founded “La Fattoria di Nonno Fiore Società Agricola srl”.
In the past, the family used to produce high quality milk and Extra Virgin olive oil, in addition to the forage and cereals needed for the livestock. For the family to be self-sufficient, all the produce needed to feed them were also cultivated.
Today the farm is led by Domenico who, with Elisa, manages the vegetable garden. Caterina takes care of the laboratory, from the creation to the production of the various recipes.
When it first started, La Fattoria di Nonno Fiore was selling, directly to the customers, the vegetables from the garden. Later, when the polyfunctional laboratory was installed, they started producing fruit and vegetable preserves, following both traditional and new recipes, in accordance with the Haccp requirements.

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”
William Blake

The cultivation of vegetables involves all the steps for an optimal use of the land. The use of the land is designed in such a way as to avoid its impoverishment, in favor of better productivity, plant health and produce health.
After deep tillage, the soil is fertilized with manure (produced by small family farms) and compost (obtained from vegetable waste from the Fattoria itself). The soil is then refined and prepared (arrangement, furrowing, mulching) according to the type of plant and crop. Sowing takes place using a manual seeder adaptable to many varieties of seeds and planting layouts. With the mulching technique, a part of the crops is instead planted with a manual transplanter.
Our vegetables are harvested exclusively by hand (knife and bucket), in order to select at any moment the best and most ripe fruits, thus allowing the plants to continue to develop and produce throughout the vegetative cycle.
When the vegetables reach the ideal point of ripeness, we start processing and transforming them in the laboratory.

“Cooking is the transformation of uncertainty (the recipe) into certainty (the dish) via fuss”
Julian Barnes

After the vegetables have been harvested, they are washed and prepared, then processes following recipes that have been studied and created ad hoc for the type of products we want to obtain. Using specific instruments (pH-meter, refractometer) allows us to create the most suitable environment for the best conservation of the processed products. Key points in the making of our preserves are the exclusive use of in-season vegetables, and of natural preservatives (sugar, salt, lemon, vinegar), without chemicals or colorants.
The production in the laboratory ranges from dried vegetables and herbs, to extra virgin olive oil, from honey to preserves (savory creams, for meat or cheese, fruit jams, tomato sauce, prepared condiments, soups, …)
Our main treatment choice is through heat (pasteurization, sterilization, drying, concentration) rather then with chemicals
Respect for nature is ingrained in the family, and is clearly shown through our preference for clean energy. The photovoltaic system, positioned on the roof of the barn (without therefore subtracting land from crops), compensates for the energy consumption of the farm and allows the introduction of unnecessary energy into the national electricity grid, contributing to the reduction of fossil fuels’ use.

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